Tentai Books Update for April 22, 2022

Hello, it’s Adam again, with an update on the current status here at Tentai Books.

Update on releases and shipping

First off, there are some delays in printing due to the supply shortages that have been affecting the world at large. The next print-run is scheduled for the end of May, and we are expecting to begin shipping soon after.

Speaking of shipping, there is a backlog of orders that are awaiting this print-run’s completion before they can be shipped. Demand has been greater than expected, and our previous stocks have run out on some books and are low on others. Recent pre-orders are also waiting on the same print-run. Titles that I know are definitely affected include: I Kissed My Girlfriend’s Little Sister Volume 1, and You Like Me, Don’t You Volume 1.

On the digital side of things, we are still progressing on multiple projects. Translation is presently ongoing on several titles and complete on others, one of which is awaiting editing. We’ll post a more comprehensive update on progress in the near future.

Editing tests

Editing tests have been sent out and are making their way back to us. Reviews are planned for the first week of May, with selection soon after. If you’ve applied, received a test, and have not gotten it back to us, please do so as soon as you can.

Preliminary news about changes to customer support

Starting now, we are moving support exclusively to email. An increasing number of support requests and other messages on both Discord and Twitter are being missed. Alex, who presently handles all support for Tentai Books in addition to his other duties, has requested this change to allow him to stay more organized and make sure no support requests go unnoticed.

To further help work through the backlog that has built up from this and make sure we get to all requests, I am currently working on a system to allow support to be split between multiple people, and allow greater organization and tracking of requests. Please be patient while this is put in place: I hope to make a post in the coming days with more info.

Lastly, Alex and I both apologize deeply for those support requests that have slipped under-the-radar up to now, and pledge to make sure this never happens in the future.