Tentai Books Update for May 25, 2022

Adam here. This is a short follow-up to our last blog post with the latest developments.


After many delays, we’re ready for the next chapter of the trials and tribulations of Dennis, Atrielle, and the whole crowd at the Outcast’s Restaurant! Welcome to the Outcast’s Restaurant! Volume 2 is releasing on June 13th! Just a small reminder that this is a digital only release and does not have any physical release planned.

General update and editor tests

On that note, we are going to be focusing internally on digital releases as a part of our plan to increase the pace and consistency of releases. This focus will not impede or delay the release of physicals; it will instead allow us to release volumes digitally as soon as there are ready.

For those waiting, editor tests have been reviewed and the results will be shared with those who applied shortly.