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Ike Haruma from There’s no way a side character like me could be popular, right?

Discover Ike Haruma

Embark on a literary journey through There’s no way a side character like me could be popular, right? Meet Ike Haruma, a central character whose actions and personality significantly impact the story. This exploration aims to shed light on Ike Haruma’s character, revealing his role and influence within the narrative, while carefully avoiding any spoilers.

Who is Ike Haruma?

Ike Haruma is described as the real protagonist of the story, greatly influencing the narrative and the experiences of other characters. He is the narrator’s best friend and plays a key role in helping him navigate high school life. His connection with other characters, such as his childhood friend Hasaki Kana, adds depth to his role in the story​​.

Ike Haruma’s Importance in the Plot

Ike Haruma is portrayed as an individual who is good-looking, athletic, academically brilliant, and incredibly popular. His position as the student council president further amplifies his importance and influence within the school setting. He is seen as a superhero-like figure, embodying the traits of an ideal protagonist​​.

Character Analysis

Analyzing Ike Haruma reveals a character who is modest and well-respected, earning the trust and reverence of those around him. His modesty and approachability make him a relatable and admired character. His ability to positively influence the academic performance of others, like the narrator, demonstrates his supportive nature​​. Additionally, his inclination to help others and his trustworthy nature are evident in various scenarios throughout the story​​.


In conclusion, Ike Haruma is a multi-dimensional character whose traits and actions significantly shape the narrative. His leadership qualities, combined with his modesty and caring nature, make him a pivotal figure in the story. Exploring Ike Haruma’s character offers insights into his leadership, his relationships with other characters, and his overall impact on the plot. His journey, marked by positive influence and strong relationships, makes him an essential and captivating part of the narrative.