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Ike Haruma from There’s no way a side character like me could be popular, right?

Discover Ike Haruma

Meet Ike Haruma, our not-so-protagonist’s best friend, and the most popular guy at school!

Who is Ike Haruma?

Ike Haruma is described as the real protagonist of the story by Tomoki, greatly influencing the story by acting as a mediator between him and his sister, Touka. He is the narrator’s best friend and plays a key role in helping him navigate high school life. His connections with other characters, such as his childhood friend Hasaki Kana, and his complex relationship with Touka make him one of the most interesting characters in the story.

Ike Haruma is good-looking, athletic, academically brilliant, and incredibly popular. His position as the student council president further amplifies his importance and influence within the school. He is seen as a superhero-like figure, embodying the traits of an ideal protagonist​​, though he denies these allegations.

His inclination to help others and his trustworthy nature make him one of the story’s most likeable characters.

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