Frequently Asked Questions – Tentai Books

Q) When is X coming out?

A) We announce all releases at least two weeks before release.

Q) When is the next volume of X coming out?

A) We are aiming for a release schedule of four to five months between each volume in a series.

Q) Are you working on X?

A) We invite you to check out the website series page. If the series you’re asking about doesn’t appear in that list, then we are not working on it.

Q) Are more volumes coming out for X?

A) We plan to release all volumes in a series as long as their Japanese counterpart exists.

Q) Is X also a physical release? [Is X getting a physical?]

A) The only series with no plans for a physical release is Outcast’s Restaurant. All of our releases will have a physical version unless stated otherwise in both our website and/or social media accounts.

Q) Are your books available at retailer X?

A) Digital releases are available at most major eBook stores including Amazon, Kobo, Barnes & Noble, Google Play Books, BOOK☆WALKER, and many others. At this time physicals are available on the Tentai Books store and on Right Stuf Anime, and we are looking to expand availability in the near future through INGRAM. We’re also slowly adding our books through Amazon Europe, and soon Amazon US and Amazon Canada.

About Shipping-Related Questions

Q) Do you ship worldwide?

A) We do. If your country is not on the list of available destinations be sure to contact us through our social media accounts and/or support mail ( so we can resolve the issue or clear doubts.

Q) Has my order shipped?

A) If your order appears as “completed,” it means that it has been shipped to your destination. If you desire more specific information about your order status then be sure to contact us at

Q) Where’s my tracking number?

A) As long as you have chosen the premium shipping option, your tracking code will be sent to the email you provided shortly after the order is marked as “completed.”

Q) How long does the economy shipping take to arrive anywhere?

A) The general timeline for arrival for all economy shipments is provided by the parcel company we work with. This general timeline is from 4-6 weeks. From our experience we know that this timeline sometimes extends a couple of weeks depending on the country. But rest assured that all of the economy shipments have always arrived at their destination.