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Hinami Aiba from How to Melt the Ice Queen's Heart

Discover Hinami Aiba: The Aloof Friend in ‘How to Melt the Ice Queen’s Heart’

As we turn the pages of “How the Melt the Ice Queen’s Heart,” we soon have the opportunity to meet Hinami Aiba, a friend of Asahi, and Chiaki’s girlfriend!

Who is Hinami Aiba?

Hinami Aiba stands out as a character of substance in the “How to Melt the Ice Queen’s Heart” novel. Unlike other secondary characters, Hinami has her own goals and aspirations, making her an important character throughout the narrative and not just a comedic backdrop.

Her interactions and development offer a different perspective on the central themes of love, growth, and understanding, making her an essential figure in the journey of the story. Her interactions with her boyfriend are also extremely funny and endearing!

Just like any other high school girl at her age, Hinami is someone who has her own worries, and is the coutnerbalance to Fuyuka’s coldness by providing an extra touch of emotion to her colorless life.

Curious about Hinami Aiba? Be sure to read “How to Melt the Ice Queen’s Heart” to be able to know her better. Be sure to let us know your thoughts about her on social media!