Welcome to the Outcast’s Restaurant!

Leave everything to the strongest cook of them all!

Backstabbed by those he considered friends, Dennis has been exiled from one of the strongest guilds around: the Silver Wings Battalion. He doesn’t think much of it, though, as he was dying to use his level 99 cooking skills anyway. That’s why he decides to leave the city behind and open up a diner in the countryside.

While pursuing his dream, Dennis meets Atrielle, a girl exiled from her noble household and relegated to slavery until he saves her.

The pair open the diner together, and their first client is… an exiled knight from a different guild? How peculiar. But she is not the only customer; a cocky mage and a drastically overworked yet underpaid sage become regulars as well.

The knight brings trouble to the diner at times, but Dennis’s cooking skills and beloved butcher knives cut through trouble and hunger alike!

Thus begins the legend of Dennis and his diner, the talk of the town!

Meet our Characters


A cook who has been exiled from his guild, the Silver Wings Battalion. His maxed out cooking skills made him a core part of the team on deep dungeon raids. Fried rice is his signature dish—so delicious that those who taste it tout it as legendary.


A girl of noble origin who has been exiled from her house. She was about to be sold as a slave when Dennis stepped in to save her. She then becomes the diner’s poster girl, attracting many of its customers. She loves spicy food, and flipping a peace sign is second nature to her.

She doesn’t wear her heart on her sleeve, but Dennis can read her pretty well.


A mage who is too cocky for his own good. He has recently joined a guild called the Night Fog Battalion. He is proficient at “Soft Palm,” a spell that generates a magical shield, which has more applications than would initially appear.


A girl born in the countryside who possesses incredible intelligence and an unhealthy work ethic. Bibia and the others rescue her from the verge of a mental breakdown brought on by work at her guild, the Night Fog Battalion. She works to the bone without complaint and can stay awake for long periods of time. She falters sometimes, but her pride in her “lineage” strengthens her resolve.


A female knight, exiled from her guild for the heinous crime of being a woman. She becomes the diner’s first customer, and will eat anything and everything in sight as long as she finds it tasty. Her signature ability, known as “Blade Dance,” entails swinging her two-handed sword with heroic strength.