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Makiri Chiaki from here’s no way a side character like me could be popular, right?

Discover Makiri Chiaki

Embark on a literary journey through There’s no way a side character like me could be popular, right? Meet  Makiri Chiaki, a character whose presence enriches the narrative. This journey aims to uncover the essence of Makiri Chiaki, highlighting her personality, role in the story, and impact on other characters while carefully avoiding any spoilers.

Who is Makiri Chiaki?

Makiri Chiaki is introduced as a young and attractive teacher who is known for being strict. Despite her stern demeanor, she has a considerable fanbase among the male students at her school. Her role often involves leading students to the counseling room for discussions, indicating her involvement in student affairs and her authoritative position​​.

Makiri Chiaki’s Importance in the Plot

Makiri Chiaki plays a crucial role in the plot, often appearing in situations that require her to address student issues. Her interactions with students, such as Tomoki and others, are marked by her cool and professional demeanor. She is seen as someone who is straightforward and direct in her approach, which impacts the story’s direction and character development​​​​.

Character Analysis

Analyzing Makiri Chiaki reveals a character who is not only disciplined and strict but also caring and supportive of her students. She is one of the few people who have shown a positive attitude towards the protagonist from the beginning, indicating her fair and non-judgmental nature​​. Her character adds a layer of seriousness and responsibility to the narrative, balancing the youthful energy of the students.


In conclusion, Makiri Chiaki stands out as a significant character who brings a sense of order and discipline to the story. Her interactions with students, her authoritative role, and her balanced approach to student issues contribute to the depth and realism of the narrative. Exploring Makiri Chiaki’s character provides insights into her role in the educational setting, her impact on student life, and her influence on the overall plot. Her presence in the story adds a dimension of maturity and responsibility, making her a vital and intriguing part of the narrative.