Updates on Tentai Books: New Releases and Physical Copies!

Hey there, everyone. Alex here with another short blog post to update on current titles and releases.

We have been diligently working behind the scenes, ensuring that our upcoming light novels come out with the usual quality of translation that’s expected of us. From physical designs to release dates, we have a lot to cover. So, without further ado, let’s dive right into the latest news!

  1. Release Dates:
    I’ve personally had my hands full with physical designs and production for next month, so the highly anticipated volumes of Side Character 4 and Give yourself a hand, Sensei! 2 are set to hit the shelves on June 9th. We know you’ve been eagerly awaiting these releases, and we’ve been working tirelessly to ensure they live up to your expectations.
  2. Physical Designs and Approvals:
    Over the past month, we’ve been fully immersed in the intricate process of perfecting the physical designs for our recent releases. The wait is nearly over! The designs are almost done, and we plan to open preorders and start production next month. We’ll also be restocking current titles on our distributors’ platform as well, since we pretty much ran out of books over in the US. To be specific, these physical releases are: World Teacher 2, Ice Queen 2, and Seatmate Killer 2.
  3. Exclusive Bookmark Designs:
    In our ongoing quest to add that extra touch of magic to your reading experience, next week, we will be unveiling special bookmark designs for each of our recent releases. Stay tuned for another blog post dedicated to showcasing these delightful additions.

At Tentai Books, we remain committed to providing you with captivating narratives, breathtaking artwork, and unforgettable reading experiences. The upcoming releases of Side Character 4 and Dirty Sensei 2, along with the stunning physical designs, serve as a testament to our dedication.

Any questions regarding anything, you can reach out to us through twitter or Discord.

Head of Tentai Books