Tentai Books Q1 Short Update

Hello everyone, Alex here with a short update about what’s going on with Tentai Books and some updates about preorders, releases, etc. I intend this to be a short one but concise at the same time.


First and foremost, preorders for “Imokiss” and “You like me don’t you” are going up today, for both digital and physical versions.

“Imokiss” is scheduled to go out digitally tomorrow (15th of March) while “You like me” is scheduled for the 29th, with a small delay of a month for the physicals, which means that the physical versions will be released from our store the 15th and 29th of April respectively.

Many of you have already noticed, but others not yet, and I want to make sure to point out that our physical books are now accessible through Amazon, Book Depository, and many other retailers. They’ll soon come to physical stores as well, which will happen around next month. If you have a preference of preordering / purchasing our books there, be sure to do that.

The preorders through our store will remain with the exclusive extras, only available here, in the Tentai Books store.

Sister Kiss will contain these extras if you preorder through us.

You like me also has extras, but they’re still in production phase and won’t be revealed until later down this month.


Many people have been asking about this title, and we’re picking up the slack. At the very least we’d like to release two more volumes this year (they’re in the works) and we want to push for a third if possible, but I can’t confirm if this will be the case.


Ever since I took down the economy choices I’ve been looking into the places where packages have been lost the most. Surprisingly enough, more than 90% of the losses happened with packages destined to the US, Canada, and India. Therefore, we’ll introduce the economy shipping choice once more for international packages, excluding these three countries previously mentioned for the time being until we can find a proper solution to the problem.

Just to be clear, most of the packages tend to arrive, but we don’t like that 5-7% of our customers end up having their package lost, creating a negative experience for everyone.

On a side note, we’re also working on lowering the prices for premium shipping to the US. Currently they stand at a flat 25 USD, but the goal is to lower it to 15 USD over the year.

Along with the economy option returning we’re also going to update our terms of service over packaging, making more clear what will happen in the rare case a package is ever lost again so both customers and us have clear guidelines to follow in case this happens. (Eg: eligibility to send a second package in case one has been lost / a mistake has been done on our end, etc…)

That’s pretty much everything for the time being. See you on the next one.

Alejandro de Vicente Suárez