Short New Year’s Update

Hi everyone! Alex here. While I’m not fully back from vacations just yet, I wanted to make this post just to keep everyone updated about what is happening right now even though we’re not back just yet (10th of January).

Preorder Conundrum

After seeing the response that our announcements for the end of the year caused, we noticed that there were a lot of people who wanted to rightly know why would we keep premium shipping prices and still keep preorder bonuses, which we ended up deeming as something we needed to address.

Long story short, I do think the concerns were legitimate, and starting from the Toxic Girlfriend we will always add the extra content (postcards, bookmarks, etc…) regardless of those being preorders or not. The preorder bonuses will exclusively be tied to straight discounts from the original price. Though note that these bonuses we will offer exclusively through our store.

Shipping Changes

We’ve now effectively removed the Economy Shipping choice from North America, Oceania, Asia, South America, and African countries, leaving Europe as the only continent eligible for this choice. Just as I mentioned in the post I made last year, we were going to eventually do this. For those of you who ordered before today with that option, don’t worry, your order will still go through.

We’re also preparing the packages for those who preordered Seatmate Killer back from November, plus many other orders pending to be packaged due to those being preorders or simply other backorders. We’re still in the middle of it, but we should send all of them in bulks during the next few weeks.

We also added special Premium Free Shipping options if certain thresholds are reached only for a small number of countries. We’ll expand that list as time goes, but the countries currently benefitting from it are:

  • Europe: Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, France, and United Kingdom. Buying 2 physical books at the same time and onwards will grant you the option of free premium shipping. The threshold sits at 29 USD.
  • Currently we only offer this second threshold with US packaging, sitting at 59 USD if free shipping is to be triggered, amounting to around 4 physical books.

I’m currently adding premium options for the other countries, and will slowly add free shipping ranges for them. Once I do I will add their respective announcements and data in the FAQ page.

Upcoming Releases

As for releases, we’re currently working on our closest releases, those being Side Character 3, Sister Kiss 1, and Outcasts Restaurant 2.

As a last thing, we’re also working on adding an option to update someone’s order after it has been made in case someone wants to add more books after ordering one time. We obviously want to avoid issues that could arise from preorders and people wanting to add those preorders to their pending orders that haven’t been sent yet. Though apparently doing this will prove to be somewhat complicated at the moment, so we ask for patience until we figure out how to add this feature.

And that’s pretty much it for now. See you all in the next update!