One day before Side Character’s Release!

Hi everyone! We’re uploading this blog post to give you some updates before the release of Side Character tomorrow. Some good news, some not-so-good news, but it’s to keep everyone up to date!

First of all, we want to reiterate that preorders for our physical versions will begin in our website by next week. We’ve sent the files to the printer, so now we just have to check that the sample they provide to us is fine and we’ll be good to go by the middle of next month if everything goes well. 

Secondly, we’ve had some issues with Google Books. First it didn’t let us upload our epub (even with no errors noted by their epub checker), and after quite a bit we managed to upload the file, but due to us requiring trial and error to find out what was wrong they slammed us with a manual review of the account. They said they’d take max ten days, but we can’t confirm when will they actually let us off the hook, so until that happens we’ll have to delay the release of the digital version in that platform until they review our account. Our sincerest apologies.

We also want to detail the way in which you’ll be able to get your digital copies through our website; you’ll have the option to choose the volume number (just one for now), version of the book (digital or physical, although physical will be unlocked next week in preorders) and language (english or spanish). Once you’ve ordered the product from the shop you proceed to the checkout phase. Once that is dealth with you’ll be provided with the digital files for the digital version of the book. The book will be provided within a ZIP file, which contains different versions of the book (epub, Kindle, Kobo Reader & PDF to be precise) so you can choose either of them to be able to read with whatever device you prefer. It’s important to note that the EPUB file is optimized for portable devices such as phones & tablets, but you can read from your computer the file without any issues too! 

Finally, we’d like to announce a small giveaway for those who’d be interested in getting their hands onto one of our upcoming physical copies of Side Character! Just follow our twitter account and retweet our pinned tweet to have a chance of getting a physical copy once they come out!

We hope you’re as excited as we are for the release tomorrow! Have a nice day!