Update on Physical Editions

Hey guys! Here’s hoping everyone had a nice week. I’m Alex and I’m here to update everyone about how’s the situation with physicals going, and how will we proceed about their creation.

First of all: How is the situation with printers going on?

After some long months of inactivity and uncertainty, it seems like we’re starting the de-escalation in hopes to return to normal here in Spain. Printers are back on business and now we can safely confirm that the physical book releases will follow the schedule we originally had in mind. We’re still closing some deals with our distributors for our worldwide distribution plans, but if everything goes fine and no more restrictions are put in place nothing should be delayed.

When will the release of physicals be? Any dates we can rely on?

Although we can’t pinpoint an exact date, I can safely confirm that by the last week of June all physicals will be printed and be ready to go. We will start accepting preorders within two weeks time in our website.

Will your website / Amazon Europe be the only places where we’ll be able to get ahold of your physical books?

As of now, yes. But we’re in talks with a pretty big and trusted retailer for those who live at the other side of the Atlantic and would rather buy their books from them (you can already assume who I’m talking about, but I can’t say any names yet!). If things go as planned both our Website + Amazon Europe and this other big online retailer for our American clients will have physical copies available for everyone to access to.

What will the pricing be?

The price of our physicals will be 13,99€ for those who live in the Eurozone, while for everyone outside of Europe it will be 14,99$ approximately, it will depend on the conversion rate at the moment.

That sounds pretty expensive for a physical version. Is there a reasoning behind this decision?

Indeed there is! We’ve been committed to creating the best physicals you could access in the market, and that is why we’ve priced them in that way. The price takes into account not only the high quality of the book, but also the extra content that comes with it. We also want to make sure that this isn’t a one time thing. If we see a good amount of support for our physicals we will commit to have every single one be as special as this one.

What are the specifics of these physicals?

After much debating (and believe me, it took quite a while to decide this) we’ve decided to opt for the Standard Digest Size for our books (140 mm x 210 mm). They will have a dust cover over the usual gloss cover, high-quality recycled paper, and weight more or less 300 grams.

What extra content does the physical version have?

Of course, the physical version doesn’t cost what it costs just because you can have the physical copy of the book in your hands. There’s more content we’ve included in it to make your purchase worthwhile.

  1. The physical version will contain the limited extra stories that were published in Japan exclusively for certain stores that sold the physical versions over there. They were scattered at first, but we managed to compile the 6 extra stories all into our physical edition. It amounts for almost 30 pages of extra content, aimed more towards the fanservice side of the story, since they’re inconsequential to the main storyline. These will be exclusive for the physical version and will not be available in the digital version of the book.
  2. We will include a special postcard inside the book with clean artwork of the series.

Although this is something that might seem like a one-time thing due to it being our first endeavor, if we see people liking our method of physicals we will strive to make this something you can aspire for in all of our releases. We want to hear what you think of our take in physicals too!

Last but not least, for those who are undecided about where you should get the physicals. We are biased, so we recommend our online store whenever they become available, the reason being you greatly support us more by doing so, since that way we receive the full pricing of the book in revenue without having to be taken percentages by other retailers, which in turn helps not only us, but our Japanese partners too, including the author of the series! That’s why we’ve been very keen on wanting the shipping costs to be as low as possible for everyone, since that’s what most of the people are worried about — no one wants to pay more shipping costs than what the book will cost to them. We have wordlwide reach when it comes to shipping, so no matter where you live, we can send the book to where you are!

Therefore, if things continue as they’ve been so far without any restrictions due to the covid-19 pandemic, all international shipping will cost the following;

  • Spain: Free Shipping.
  • Europe (Including non-eurozone countries & including Greenland): 3,99€
  • Countries outside of Europe: 4,99$ / 5,99$ (will greatly depend on book’s weight / future restrictions placed at the end of May and June, we will keep you updated on the final pricing)

Obviously these are pricings of single book purchases, but if we manage to make more physicals we will strive to make those shipping prices tend towards zero the more books you decide to get at the same time!

We also feel like it’s important to note that all physicals requested through Amazon Europe will be packaged and sent by us, just as if you buy them from our store. The only difference will be the shipping price!

Anyways, that’s about everything I had to update for today. I apologize for this super long post, but thanks for reading all the way through!

As an extra, although it’s not related to physical versions, I’d like to quickly update the progress on Diner of the Exiled, which currently stands 50% translated, and will be finished by the end of this month in terms of translation.

We hope you have a great day. See you soon!