June Update and Future Plans

Hi there! Alex here with a new post where I’ll be detailing some updates on how things are going regarding our releases (especially concerning physicals of Side Character and the upcoming release of Diner of the Exiled), plus our future plans.

First of all, we want to thank everyone for the support we’ve received with Side Character’s release, it certainly was beyond expectations! Seeing that so many people liked our translation quality really means a lot to the team, so we’ll keep it up! We’ve also received a lot of comments regarding the issues with the epub file and the mobi version that we released, that’s why very soon we’ll be posting a job entry where we’ll be looking for someone to specifically take care of generating our epub files in the future so this doesn’t happen again. Once we have this person onboard we’ll focus on fixing the current issues with Side Character’s epub too as soon as we can. 

We want to also announce an official date for the release of our next license, that being Diner of the Exiled. Diner of the Exiled will be released in all of your favourite stores the 15th of July! And yes, that will include Google Books and Bookwalker from the beginning this time, we promise!

Speaking of Google Books and BookWalker, Side Character is already available online on the first store (check the link over here, we’ll be updating our product page soon) and will be available at BookWalker very, very soon too! 

The physical production for Side Character is on its way as well! We will delay the preorders a little bit for two reasons:

  1. We want to coordinate with other stores to publish the preorders at the same time if possible.
  2. We want to fix some account issues in our website ASAP.

Now, for other information regarding our future:

We’ve started to look for new licensing opportunities. We’ll be making a specific channel for licensing suggestions in our discord so you can personally tell us what you think we should be aiming for as long as it’s within our scope of possibilities (we’re a small company, so nothing too big, please!). This process takes time though, so we ask for your patience if you wanna see new titles!

We’ve also received a lot of questions regarding the future of our physical releases, and to be honest, that will depend mostly on how the Side Character physicals will perform, but if we see as much support for them as we’ve seen so far we shouldn’t have any issues!

And that’s all for now. Thanks for reading, and see you soon!