New Light Novel License: From Toxic Classmate to Girlfriend Goals

Good day to everyone! We’re making this post to talk about one of our new licenses, “From Toxic Classmate to Girlfriend Goals.”

From the author Fukada Sametaro and well-known illustrator Fumi comes a super sweet and cute romcom that talks about our protagonist Naoya Sasahara and Koyuki Shirogane, his love interest. Koyuki is not well-liked at her school and for very good reason. She always treats everyone harshly, and it makes people stay well away from her. Naoya on the other hand prefers to keep to himself and his small circle of friends, but he’s someone that knows how to read people’s feelings and expressions, making him the best possible suitor for the actually sweet and the shy Koyuki.

This is a fast-paced romcom, full of ups and downs, as well as a lot of interesting developments and twists between the protagonist and between the other characters as well. Important also to note that this isn’t a harem romcom, the author has confirmed multiple times that Koyuki is and will be the only love interest of the protagonist. Any other girls that appear in the series will be nothing more than friends. As well as a promise that this is a closed story with a sweet and happy ending!

Currently it has 4 volumes out in Japan, with a 5th one coming out in December 2022, plus a manga series in production over at Japan. Tentai Books will be releasing this series with an interval of 4/5 months in-between volumes. Digital will always be the first release, while physicals will follow a month after.

All physical editions will have a base bookmark included within the shrink-wrapped books. We will also organize a short preorder campaign with our physical editions. Those who preorder the physical edition will receive its exclusive rewards, those being special bookmarks / postcards included with the order. The preorder bonuses won’t suppose a price increase apart from the base book ONLY for preorders. Once the preorder campaign is done we will offer the possibility to add these bonuses to your orders for an extra pricing.

The first volume is intended to release at the end of december. We want to release it the 28th. Meaning that the 28th of January is scheduled for the physical version.

Details of the physical version:

  • Softcover
  • 127 x 190 mm
  • Will have dust jacket

*Other details will be included soon as the release date for the physical version approaches.

We will be adding the series page over at our website in coming days.

We hope you’re looking forward for this series!