New Light Novel License: “You like me, don’t you? So, wanna go out with me?”

you like me don't you light novel

Good day to everyone! We’re making this post to talk about one of our new licenses, “You like me, don’t you? So, wanna go out with me?”

From the author Kota Nozomi (currently better known for series such as 娘じゃなくてママが好きなの?! and “Older Girlfriend” series) and illustrator Azuri Hyuga comes a diabetes-inducing romantic novel with some light comedic elements. Kuroya, our protagonist, is someone that sees the world in a very negative way, only countered by the person he talks to everyday, that person being Kasumi Shiramori, his senpai by one year and love interest. Kasumi and Kuroya belong to the literary club, one where they go after classes to hang out and read. Kuroya has had a crush for Shiramori for a while, and from the very prologue she is able to tell how Kuroya really feels about her. Beside this, this romcom isn’t fast-paced. It takes its time with the characters, and makes sure to explain to you the circumstances of everyone and how they feel about everything.

If you’re expecting to see other characters in the novel then don’t, because apart from some mentions and short moments when secondary characters appear, the only ones you’ll be seeing are Kuroya and Shiramori. This a single-heroine romantic comedy, and no other love interests will sprawl up.

Currently it has 2 volumes out in Japan, with a 3rd one expected at some point, plus a manga series already confirmed. Tentai Books will be releasing this series with an interval of 4/5 months inbetween volumes. Digital will always be the first release, while physicals will follow a month after.

All physical editions will have a base bookmark included within the shrink-wrapped books. We will also organize a short preorder campaign with our physical editions. Those who preorder the physical edition will receive its exclusive rewards, those being special bookmarks / postcards included with the order. The preorder bookmarks will include the EXTRA LIMITED ART produced over at Japan for commercial usage. This limited art will be exclusive to our own store. No other stores will distribute this product.The preorder bonuses won’t suppose a price increase apart from the base book ONLY for preorders. Once the preorder campaign is done we will offer the possibility to add these bonuses to your orders for an extra pricing.

The first volume is intended to release at the end of january. We want to release it the 25th. Meaning that the 25th of February is scheduled for the physical version.

Details of the physical version:

  • Softcover
  • 127 x 190 mm
  • Will have dust jacket

*Other details will be included soon as the release date for the physical version approaches.

We will be adding the series page over at our website in coming days.

We hope you’re looking forward for this series!