Tentai Books August Update

Hello, Adam here with a short update. There’s been a noticeable lack of public-facing updates over the last month; this is due to circumstances that have, up to this point, been beyond our direct control.

Those of you who are on our public Discord will likely have seen a short post mentioning that we are dealing with a personal emergency that is causing some delays. Among other things Alex has been dealing with some health issues and has had to be in the hospital for a while, thus the low activity and, unfortunately inevitable, delays of physical production since he directly manages that. He’s getting back to work now and is catching up to what has been a busy month for the team.

Several things are happening over the coming weeks

  1. Ice Queen physical preorders will be opening up tomorrow Monday, August 30th.
  2. We are announcing the release date for Seatmate Killer volume 1 and Outcast’s Restaurant volume 2.
  3. Fixed EPUBs are being uploaded to Kobo so those will be up to date with the other storefronts. These updates include Ice Queen releasing on Kobo; something which many of you have inquired about.

On top of that, we haven’t been sitting still. We’ve been busy finalizing assets for the license announcements that we teased back in July (we haven’t forgotten) and have been progressing through translation, editing, and starting initial QA on them. We’re just waiting for final approval from Japan before we announce the licenses and the winners of the contest. You can expect releases to follow a shortly after. All of this means that we will be more active in the coming months.

Thanks to everyone for your ongoing support. If you’d like to interact with us or have any questions feel free to join us on our Discord server discord.gg/QEYncHq or send us a tweet @TentaiBooks.