Trying Something Different: Sekaiichi’s January Update

Hello, everyone. I’m Alex, and today I want to bring you guys something different from my usual status updates. Today I’m bringing a translated update directly from Side Character’s author, Sekaiichi. He uploaded this on his writer profile in the website Shousetsuka ni Narou, where Side Character’s story was born!

Before delving into the update, a couple of things should be clarified so as to avoid misunderstandings:

  • In Narou, Sekaiichi calls himself Manaka Gouya, which is the alter ego he uses along with his artistic name Sekaiichi. Manaka Gouya is, as he explains in his profile, a 24 year old girl, still in high school. Pretty unique, wouldn’t you guys agree?
  • Although some updates might not strictly be related to the Light Novel series, I’d like to keep track of the series we work on a general scale, which includes manga (and hopefully one day anime!) as well, even if Tentai Books doesn’t work on manga for the time being.
  • If you’re interested in the original update I will leave a hyperlink here so everyone can go check his original profile in case you want to know more about him.
  • I decided to translate the titles of his other series into English, but they are not official translations or nothing of the sort, just my take on how they might look in English! If you’d rather see the original Japanese titles whenever he mentions them next time, do let me know!
  • Would you like me to translate more updates from Sekaiichi and other authors that work on the novels we release and are as well on Narou? Let me know in our Discord or by leaving a comment on Tentai Books’ Twitter account!


Hey hoooo! Hooohoho!

Hey guys! It’s me, Sekaiichi, better known as Manaka Gouya, your friendly, super cute, big-chested, and hottie extraordinaire 24 year old high schooler! (*’ω’*)

Sorry for making you guys wait! I’m here for another update related to Side Character, this time related to its soon-to-be manga serialization!

The first episode of the manga will be released the 22nd of February of 2021. It’ll be part of the monthly magazine Manga Yonkoma Palette, released by Ichijinsha!

Everyone knows that Yonkomas are comedic short comic strips of four panels only, but I swear Side Character will have a classic manga structure. Definitely more panels, I swear! (*´σー`)エヘヘ

The mangaka who will be taking care of the series is none other than Harumare Sensei! The girls he draws are the cutest, and the guys he draws are super hot! You should see his version of Yuuji, he looks really menacing! I feel like the final product will be extremely entertaining, so please check it out if you can whenever it goes live!

By the way, I’ve seen that the Japanese physicals for Side Character Volume 4 have been released in some parts of the country, so if you happen to spot them don’t miss the opportunity and get one for yourself! I’d be so happy if you did! (*´σー`)エヘヘ

I still intend to keep updating my other ongoing online series over here as well! I know it’s been like six months since I last updated “I review-bombed my cute classmate’s novel and she confessed her love to me in return?!” and ten months since I last updated “No one else but me knows how the student council’s president, a so called ‘perfect girl,’ is actually a disaster of a person,” but I updated them this week if you wanna check those out! I plan to update these either once a week or at the very least twice a month until I finish them both. It’d make me SUPER happy if you’d read them! (*´σー`)エヘヘ

For those of you who’d prefer me to be more active regarding “A super cute girl has been stalking me for a while, and it’s kinda unsettling,” considering I started that one not so long ago and it’ll be a while before I completely finish the story, I’d rather not update it for the time being.  (´;ω;`) For those of you who have been patiently waiting for this one, I’m sowwy (´;ω;`) I ask you to be a bit more patient, nothing would please me more (*´σー`)エヘヘ

That’s about everything. See you guys around! ♡