Tentai Books Q1 Update

Hi there everyone! It’s me, Alex. I’m writing this to keep everyone updated about what’s going on in Tentai books. There’s a lot of everything in this one, so buckle up!

First of all, just as a quick recap, we announced our new license on our stream the past 26th of February, called “How to Melt the Ice Queen’s Heart.” The planned date of release is the 30th of April, and we will prepare preorders for Amazon and other platforms soon.

English Physicals for Side Character 2 and World Teacher 1

I have some bad news for these two, but nothing too bad. We’ve had to make some last minute changes to the design of both books, and because of this we will delay their shipping day exactly one week from the 26th of March (to the 2nd of April). We’re sorry for this short delay, but the design change was critical, and we think it would’ve affected reading experience.

I understand that there hasn’t been a lot of info related to the specifics of these books, so I will try to be as open as possible about their contents:

  1. Side Character’s 2 physicals will contain the extra stories issued for this volume. It will also contain 2 sets of bookmarkers, as we didn’t make them for the first volume and we want to give back to those who already supported its release and would like the unique bookmarker for it.
  2. World Teacher will contain a special bookmarker, and as there were no extra limited stories issued in Japan, we haven’t been able to include them in the physicals.
  3. Side Character 2 will keep the same design as the first volume in English, there will be no changes.
  4. Both volumes will have the same size (148mm x 210mm). Side Character 2 has 193 pages and World Teacher around 300 (It weighs almost 400 grams! That’s a heavy softcover alright!). The paper quality will be the same as the one of the first volume of side character despite our printer change.

I will append the designs for the bookmarkers below:

*The size of the bookmarkers will be 52mm x 210mm. The material used for the bookmarkers will be the same material used for the covers of the books. We plan for all of our future physicals to contain bookmarkers.

As for other news, we have decided to unfortunately also delay the announcement that we had planned for the 1st of April. It pains us to do so, but we need a final approval from the company who we licensed from. We thought we would’ve received it by now, but things have been kind of slow. As a way to give back, we will plan a future day to announce the license soon, but we’ll announce two licenses in a day instead of one. I’m very sorry for this delay!

Enough bad news in any case. It’s high time I give some good ones, right? This one is huge too, and a big win for both us and potential / current readers!

We’ve closed a deal with a pretty big book distributor in Spain, called “Azeta.” What does this mean for physical book English readers in the coming months?

  1. All of our physical books will be listed on BOOK DEPOSITORY and AMAZON.COM listings. If you’re an individual who wants our books through your local bookstore or get it for yourself in the US, you’ll just have to ask and they’ll be able to access all of our works through the Amazon or Book Depo listings. Same goes for any EU citizen who wants to access our books through either their local bookstores, Book Depo, and many other websites listing our books that we’ll gradually add to our web’s physical buying options.
  2. Lower shipping times: as these new options open for customers, so does the shipping time for our books. It’ll be taken by these third parties, and thus it’ll take way less for them to arrive at your doorstep. You can still order through our website, but at the moment we offer rather slow shipping, and if you’d prefer a faster option for the time being we highly recommend ordering from the other platforms. Every form of support we appreciate! We’re also working on providing premium options for those who still want to support us through here, so stay tuned for that!
  3. Amazon Shipping (including options for those who have PRIME shipping).

That’s pretty much everything. If you have any questions be sure to reach us through our Discord or any other social media!