Tentai Books’ New License Announcement September 2020 & Update on Physicals for Side Character 2

Hi everyone! Alex here, and here I am again writing a short blog post to keep everyone updated about what’s going on!

First of all, I want to thank everyone who attended any of the streams we participated in. It was our first time trying the platform, so we’ll get better as we keep doing it, we promise!

Anyways, let’s get down to business, shall we?

As we mentioned in those streams, we’ve decided to license World Teacher! Some people are still confused about how we will release this title, so I will give all the details regarding the English version of the book! We have the preview site up, so you can check it here!

  1. The book will be released Digitally and Physically.
  2. We release Digital before Physical.
  3. Physicals will come one month approximately after the Digital version is released.
  4. The release date for the first volume is still undecided, but we hope to have the digital come out by mid-december.

Since this is the first title that offers us the possibility of doing different covers for both our dust cover and the actual cover, this will be the first license where we try that avenue and have double covers for the physical version.

We’re also inquiring to our Japanese counterparts about the extra stories. We don’t know if they exist right now (this book came out in 2015, so they might have been lost for all that we know), but if they do we’ll make sure to make them available in the physical version, just like what we’re doing with Side Character’s physicals!

And speaking of those, we’re very close to start production for Side Character’s Volume 2 Physicals! We’re uploading the digital version as I’m writing this blog, and we’re hoping we can have it ready for preorder this week, so it can be available by the mid-end of this month.

We’d like to have them around a month after the release of the digital versions, but unfortunately Madrid (the zone we’re located in) has been locked down once more due to recent events regarding the coronavirus spread, so delays might happen. We hope you can understand the situation if we have to delay the physicals at some point. For now we think of it unlikely, but we mention it just in case to keep everyone updated on our situation.

And that’s about everything! I hope we can see each other again soon in another update!

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