End of August Update and upcoming 2020 Q4 Updates

Hi there! I know it’s been a while since we’ve posted an update through here and I apologize for that. Nothing very outstanding has been going on lately, so I wanted to wait until I had a bunch of stuff to say all at once.

First of all, I want to thank everyone for their support on our first two series! I personally wasn’t expecting Side Character to gather so much support, but it looks like people are thirsting to have more romcoms licensed, so that’s something I’ll keep in mind!

As far as we observed, we’ve seen that what most people on Europe have been itching to get our books through BookDepo, and while that is currently not a possibility for us since the Covid pandemic has slowed down a lot of the negotiations, we’re planning to lighten the shipping costs to all of Europe to zero in the close future and for future novels to see if we could offer that nice alternative while BookDepo is not available. Stay tuned, we’ll make an announcement about it soon!

We’ve also received very good feedback from those who have bought physicals, and we’ll keep it in mind for our upcoming releases. Apparently their quality is pretty high, so we hope we can keep that standard or make it even better if possible! If you have any suggestions for us be sure to contact us through our mail (support@azure-studio.net) or discord server, I tend to be online over there quite a bit!

Now for some updates on series we’re currently working on:

Side Character 2

We’re currently working on Side Character Volume 2. Initially we estimated the time of arrival of this book to be mid September (14th if I remember correctly), but unfortunately the book data arrived a little bit later than expected, and thus we’ll have to delay the release of the digital version until October.

Regarding its physical version, we’re working on its new design, and we’ll reveal it soon! Since it’ll most likely be radically different from the one that we did for the first volume, we’re planning a reprint of the dust covers for the first volume with the new design, so those who have already bought it have no issues with the difference in designs.

Diner of the Exiled 2

We’re currently negotiating the continuation of this series, hopefully we can give some more news about this soon!

Now, regarding Q4 and what’s going on behind the scenes:

As I mentioned some months ago in another blog post, we’re in the process of licensing new series for our expanding roster of works. Currently we have one new license in the works, and we’re working on acquiring three more hopefully by the end of this year. Our goal is not to focus on a single genre, but at the same time not overextend ourselves with too many genres that could confuse the people who follow us. Our main focus is, and will be Fantasy and Romcom, and that’s how we’d like it to stay for the time being. These choices will be reflected on hopefully all of our new licenses whenever we announce them.

Since we’re still preparing this “new license” I just mentioned, I can’t say exact dates, but we will organize a small Twitch stream to announce it. We’re preparing a lot of stuff for it, so hopefully we can make the announcement by the end of September. Just as a heads up, we are planning to do physicals for this new one as well as digitals. And no, it is not a Romcom, for those who are wondering, but it’s pretty cute nonetheless!

For the other three licenses still in process of licensing, with some luck we’ll announce those in December, and from there on out stay put with 6 series at the same time, since it’ll be a good way for us to (hopefully) keep a monthly / bimonthly pace between releases, so we can provide you with a stream of content without having to wait too much!

And that was everything for this month! Hopefully it was something that got you excited for our upcoming plans! I certainly am, at least!

See you guys in the next update!

Alejandro de Vicente