Second Announcement

Our second announcement comes by the hand of Yuuki Kimikawa and Gaou-sensei, bringing us a fantastic fantasy series, “Welcome to the Diner of the Exiled!” Follow the adventures of Dennis, the strongest cook in the world, who has been exiled from his guild recently, who decides to open a diner in the countryside.

Our second release will be digitally available on Amazon, Kobo, Google Play Books, Barnes & Noble, and our own store, though we haven’t decided the release date yet, but we’ll keep you updated about it, so stay tuned for more news about that soon!

We do have plans to release on Book Walker as well, but we will take some more time to release our volumes digitally over there. The moment we’re able to we’ll be sure to notify you, though!

Though there are no immediate plans to have a physical release for this volume as of yet the idea is still on our table. We’re mainly looking into customer feedback and response to our first physical endeavor (that being Side Character’s physicals!), so be sure to check those out, and depending on how our customers react to them we’ll definitely have in mind physicals for not only this volume, but every novel we release in the future!

Currently there are two volumes of the series released in Japan — with a third one confirmed and on its way as well as a very popular manga adaptation of the story. It’s a series that’s going very strong right now!

Be sure to check out the product page over here in our website for more info about the story and its characters or in any of the other platforms we’re planning to release it at!

Our release schedule will be similar to Side Character’s schedule; If no further restrictions are made in our country of residence the release schedule is set to be between 2 or 3 months for each volume, but hopefully we can reduce the time in between volumes as time goes on.

Hopefully you’ve liked our announcements, we’d like to hear your voices, so be sure to shoot us a message over any of our social media or discord and we’ll be there if you have any questions, suggestions, or just want to chat with us!

Until the next time!