First Announcement

Our first announcement comes by the hand of Sekaiichi and Tomari-sensei, bringing us a new romcom story, “There’s no way a side character like me could be popular, right?.” A lighthearted story about the bubbly romantic life between Yuuji and Touka… or is it?

Our first release will be digitally available on Amazon, Kobo, Google Play Books, Barnes & Noble, and our own store the 29th of May, so be sure to wishlist / preorder it!

We do have plans to release on Book Walker as well, but we will take some more time to release our volumes digitally over there. The moment we’re able to we’ll be sure to notify you, though!

Though we have plans for a physical release (and a very special one!) we are yet uncertain about when will we be able to offer the best shipping prices to everyone due to the COVID-19 pandemic going on. Therefore, we will not put any physical versions on pre order until we’re 100% sure that we can offer the best shipping choices to everyone who wants a copy.

*Important to note that all the physical versions will be available through our store and Amazon once they’re available for the moment, but we do have plans to offer them through Book Depository in the future.

If no further restrictions are made in our country of residence the release schedule is set to be between 2 or 3 months for each volume, but hopefully we can reduce the time in between volumes as time goes on.

There’s currently two volumes of the series released in Japan, with the third one confirmed and still going strong! 

Be sure to check out our product page for more info about the story and it’s characters over here!

And now, to the second announcement!

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