Tentai Books Update on Current Series

Hi everyone, Alex here with an update about our current series that we’re taking care of over at Tentai Books. I’m going to exclusively talk about the ones we had before the three new ones we announced. Those being Side Character, Outcasts Restaurant, World Teacher, Ice Queen, and Seatmate Killer.

Side Character 3

We’ve been hard at work over here to be able to release this novel as soon as we can. Our release schedule marks the release of this one in January. Once January approaches we’ll talk more about the details of the specific release date.

I’m also trying to get my hands on some extra art for physical preorder bonus specials. Stay tuned for that.

I personally apologize for the delay. I am the main reason the novel has taken so long to release, but between the issues in August and my other obligations I’ve had little time to work on it. Now that things have calmed down a bit though things should go smoothly. Once the third volume has been released, I intend to keep a hard four-month schedule inbetween volumes for Side Character. Sorry about the delay.

Outcasts Restaurant 2

We plan to release the second volume the 23rd of November, 2021. Look forward to it!

This is the only series that we currently have no plans to create physicals for.

We’ll follow a four-month schedule for the last volume of the series. Once the third volume is done Outcasts Restaurant will officially conclude both in English and Japanese.

World Teacher 2

Currently we’re under licensing process for this volume, and as soon as we can get our hands on it we’ll start the work on it. Sorry about the delay, but the issues behind it I can’t really talk about.

Ice Queen 2

We’re currently working on this title. Look forward to more info about it soon!

Seatmate Killer 1 (Physicals)

Production will soon start for the physicals of seatmate killer. Over this week we’ll be informing everyone about:

  • Specific release date
  • Physical specifications
  • Preorder bonus extras + preview of extras
  • Preorder activations

Seatmate Killer 2

We’re currently working on this title. Look forward to more info about it soon!

And that’s pretty much it! We’re hard at work to stabilize release schedules! If you have any questions about anything related to these series be sure to ask us through our socials.

Have a nice day!

PS: We’ll upload three new posts about the new licenses and specific info on them today at a later hour.