World Teacher 3 — Special Agent in a New World


“Leave everything to me. By the time you wake up, it’ll all be over.”

Sirius, arguably the strongest special agent the world has ever known, has been studying for two years at Elysion’s Magic School, training his students in the process. Now, he and his disciples are experienced enough to receive permission from the school to investigate the Labyrinth.

However, things won’t go as smoothly as Sirius expects. Their noble-born classmates still resent them for past humiliations and will do anything to thwart their search.

Lise, the new disciple, will also face new challenges, as something horrible may happen to her!

In this third volume of World Teacher, Sirius must keep his students united and save them from the looming dangers!

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World Teacher 3 – Special Agent in a New World

Embark on the epic story of World Teacher, now entering the Labyrinth Arc!