World Teacher 2 — Special Agent in a New World


Sirius continues his adventure, this time meeting new friends and foes alike.

The “Magic School Arc” commences here!

Sirius, one of the most competent special agents in his world, is transported to a brand new one after death, where he resolves himself to leave behind those who follow his teachings, taking two young Silver Wolves under his wing to accomplish this goal.

After living for 10 years in their home, Sirius and company finally leave his place of birth in order to enroll into Elysion’s Magic School.

Their magical mastery is already above average, which makes it difficult for them to not make many eyes be placed on them once they arrive. This doesn’t mean all that attention is good, though, as both Nobles and Professors alike decide to keep a closer eye on them.

For this same reason, a new young woman decides to rely on Sirius and the siblings to voice her problems: Lise. What will their repercussions of their meeting be?!

“I care about how you feel regarding this matter, Lise. Nothing else. Leave it all to me, okay?”



World Teacher Light Novel Serie

World Teacher 2 – Special Agent in a New World

Embark on the epic story of World Teacher, now entering its Magic School Arc!

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