Welcome to the Outcast’s Restaurant! Volume 2


Unjustly exiled from his former party, the Silver Wings Battalion, he moves away from the city and opens his own restaurant: the Outcast’s Restaurant!

Under the management of the world’s strongest chef, Dennis, and his companion Atrielle—a former slave—the Outcast’s Restaurant rapidly becomes the hangout of choice for eccentrics and oddballs from all walks of life.

One day, a magic doll dressed in a maid uniform arrives.

The doll, whose name is Olivia, has forgotten the identity of her previous master! The only memories left in her data banks are those of rejection and dismissal! She has been cast out from her previous life.

“Now come, give me an order! Please! Apprise me of my duties!”

The surprisingly forward maid then begins living and working at the Outcast’s Restaurant.

But Olivia’s not the only new face around!

“I can keep it, can’t I?”

Atrielle brings home a dog, though it would certainly be more accurate to call it a wolf!

This wolf, dubbed Pochi, has been cast out from its home as well, simply for the odious crime of choosing to live alongside humans.

The outcasts’ pasts slowly start to catch up with them, and soon the entire town will have to share the rag-tag group’s problems!

The strongest chef is serving up food for the soul! His adventure continues in this explosive second volume!

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 Welcome to the Outcast’s Restaurant! Serie Light Novel

The second volume of the exciting fantasy series Outcast’s Restaurant, where Dennis, one of the strongest cooks that ever lived, opens up his restaurant and has adventures with the people that frequent it.

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