From Toxic Classmate to Girlfriend Goals

A sugary romcom with a happy ending—the author guarantees it!

Koyuki Shirogane is feared throughout her school for her sharp tongue, so much so that she’s become known as “The Queen of Thorns!”

One day, Naoya Sasahara rescues her from a pushy guy’s advances. That’s when he learns that she’s nothing more than a normal girl who’s adopted her harsh demeanor as a façade to protect herself. Koyuki ends up falling for the gallant Naoya, while he ends up smitten with her more vulnerable side.

Are the two capable of being honest about their feelings? Find out as, little by little, their hearts begin to open up!

Meet the characters

Koyuki Shirogane

Our story’s heroine. Koyuki is a girl that isn’t very liked at school, mainly because of her sharp tongue.

Deep inside, though, she only wants to make friends, but doesn’t know how to interact with people. She’s a shy and sweet girl, but she’s a tough nut to crack. Will Naoya be able to gain her trust and have her open herself to him?


Naoya Sasahara

The protagonist of the story. Naoya is your run-of-the-mill highschool student, but he’s developed a keen sense of deduction, one that allows him to read other people’s emotions easily just by watching faces and reactions.

Will he be able to see through Koyuki’s toxic shell?


Hinami Aiba

Chiaki’s girlfriend. She’s not the brightest person, but she makes up for it with her extremely upbeat and cheerful personality. Her amiability has scored her a lot of friends in school.

She loves talking about her relationship with Chiaki to anyone who’ll listen. Much like her boyfriend, she doesn’t care very much about her rather dismal grades.

She gets along well with Asahi, although they certainly wouldn’t be friends if it wasn’t for her relationship with Chiaki.

Chiaki Kikkawa

Asahi’s best friend. They haven’t known each other for a long time, but they got along quickly thanks to Chiaki’s friendly and carefree personality. 

He doesn’t pay much attention to his studies, which leads to subpar grades. As long as he manages to pass, though, he doesn’t seem to mind too much.

His girlfriend, Hinami, shares a lot of his personality traits. It’s to the point where Asahi feels like he’s dealing with two Chiakis whenever the three of them hang out together.


If you like:

  • Comfy, stress-free stories
  • Sweet romantic comedies
  • Cute and breathtaking illustrations

Then this series is right up your alley!