Don’t mind me, Sensei! Give yourself a hand! Volume 1


From a steamy meeting, to a slow-burn romance?!
Our protagonist, Mamoru Ashida, is a very proficient mangaka assistant with a big problem on his hands:
he’s too good at doing his job. So good, in fact, that he renders the mangakas he works for absolutely
obsolete, doing all their work for them. Currently, he struggles to find a job because of this.
Suddenly, one day, an editor working for “Young Gingin Publishing” contacts Mamoru. Her name is
Kasumi Mashiro, and she wants him to work alongside her young sister Madoka, an upcoming mangaka,
who’s also pretty cute to boot!
There is a reason every assistant assigned to her so far has quickly given up on working with Madoka!
What could possibly be the source of this problem…?
“I can’t draw manga unless I m*sturbate as I go!”
“Wait, whaaaaaaaaaat?!”
A short, steamy, and cute romcom, with lots of innuendo, self-play, and a very happy ending awaits!
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